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When will NIMC get started with the Identity Management Synchronization?
October 11, 2016

When will NIMC get started with the Identity Management Synchronization?


In Nigeria, there is an agency called National Identification Management Commission (NIMC). This agency was established to design a central database for all Nigerians and provide a system that allows the synchronization of biometric information among all institutions in and outside of Nigeria. Upon registration with this institution, you will be given a National Identification Number (NIN) which is a unique number to every Nigerian for the purpose of identification. Brilliant idea, right?
After registration with NIMC, if you go to, lets say FRSC (another federal agency oh) and apply for a drivers license, rather than simply ask for your NIN and process your application automatically, they would demand for your fingerprints, photographs and other biometric information. It actually took me over four months to get my drivers license because their system is either bad or the queue is something else. Why put Nigerians through such frustration when our NIN can give you all you need about us?
If you go the Immigration office (another federal agency oh) to apply for passport, they will do the same thing- ask for biometrics. If you go to the Bank for BVN (another federal agency oh) registration, even if they ask for your NIN, they will still capture your biometrics. If you try to register for JAMB (another federal agency oh) they will ask for your biometrics. If you are applying for the NYSC (another federal agency oh) mobilization, they will ask for biometrics.
If you want to register to vote with INEC (another federal agency) in an election, they will ask for your biometrics. Ok, let me stop here.
Now do you see why the Biafrans refer to Nigeria as a Zoo? Even in a zoo, the animals have a central database system where all records are synchronized! We are actually less than a zoo in terms of management and coordination!
What the hell is the essence of NIMC and having the NIN if every other institution will keep asking me to give them my fingerprints and photographs? I do not even want to talk about how much we spend daily to run the various NIMC offices in Nigeria.
Its over four years since I applied for my national ID card under NIMC. What kind of country takes four years to prepare an ID card? And I am still waiting to get it!
Even Facebook knows more about Nigerians than the Nigerian government!
This country is a big joke.


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