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Where Does the Change Begin?
September 25, 2016

Where Does the Change Begin?

This is where the change was suppose to begin.

Below is a screenshot of APC Manifesto. It might interest Nigerians to know that the number ONE promise in APC manifesto is to restructure Nigeria and entrench true federalism. See it for yourself. This was before the election.

Anybody who, before election, promise you change, and turns around after election to ask you for change is nothing but a 419 gangster. PMB/APC is nothing other than a 419 organisation. Our federal government is run by a 419 organisation.

We spent billions of Naira in the name of election only to replace thieves with fraudsters. Now you know where the change begins.

Any party that calls you opposition because you ask them to fulfill their own campaign promise is nothing but a fraudulent party.

We must continue to demand for a change of our unitary system into a true federal system. That is the real change that Nigeria needs. APC has the Presidency and controls majority of NASS and therefore has no opposition towards fulfilling this particular campaign promise. We do not even need money or a budget to restructure Nigeria. Just call for a sovereign national conference and lets discuss once and for all.

Nigerians have been duped. There is no change.


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