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Why is the unity of Nigeria non-negotiable?
June 11, 2016

Why is the unity of Nigeria non-negotiable?

Why is the unity of Nigeria non-negotiable?

I cant imagine myself forcing my wife to stay with me when her mind is made up on divorce. She could even kill me if I continue to force her to stay. Nigeria is at this point right now.

The 1999 constitution makes no room for referendum, it makes no room for self-determination. It declares attempt to leave the marriage as treason and even forbids that the issue be deliberated at all. It is a military document. It is evil and incompatible with the human nature.

The constitution declares us (Nigerians) as ‘indivisible’ and empowers the President to crush anybody or group of people who try to leave the marriage. It also empowers the National Assembly to impeach the President if he tries to support self-determination. The constitution is that evil.

My brothers and sisters, that 1999 constitution is evil, it is a military document. We are trapped.

Constitutional amendment should be the burning issue in Nigeria today. Not budget, projects or anything else.

Only when you understand this aspect of Nigerian politics will you see reason why violence might be the only thing that works in Nigeria. There are certain things you can never get in Nigeria through dialogue.

This is why I consider Nigeria itself as a criminal entity. It turns all of us into criminals…

Photo credit: Adamu Dankore Muhammad


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