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Why Should a Federal Budget Contain Borehole Project?
May 5, 2016

Why Should a Federal Budget Contain Borehole Project?

Whats up with these US presidential aspirants?

Why are the asirants not talking about feeding primary school children and employing teachers for primary schools and paying 5k to the vulnerables and constructing roads and accusing INEC boss of bias and megawatts and including borehole pojects in national budget and all those trivialities we like to associate with the federal govt here in Nigeria?

I thought we borrowed this our unitary system from them?

If you know the number of boreholes the federal government will be drilling for communities in 2016, you will realize that our federal government is a greedy thief! What the hell has a presidential budget got to do with drilling boreholes and installing street lights in communities?

Someone should tell the Federal Government to devolve all those economic and political powers to the states and communities. That is the true meaning of federalism.

The Federal Government is ripping us off real bad in Nigeria.

Enough of this ‘feeding bottle’ central command federalism.

Give the states and communities more responsibilities and more money. Give the states and the communities back their land and their resources and allow them think and generate wealth for themselves. That is true federalism. Federal Government, stop the economic and political greediness.



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