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Why so much Ethnic Hatred Among Nigerians?
February 21, 2016

Why so much Ethnic Hatred Among Nigerians?

Before the general election I published an article titled ‘Three Types of Political Supporters in Nigeria’. In that article, I argued that…

The first type: Those who did not like Goodluck Jonathan. There was nothing he (GEJ) could have done to make them like him at that time. No amount of money or whatever style of campaign could have been used to convince these set of people. I don’t like you and it’s that simple. Even if he had spent five years building infrastructures for these people and their region more than any other region in the country, they don’t just like you! Those in this category are mostly Hausa/Fulani from the core Northern part of Nigeria. It was really not about performance or corruption or what you name it. It was a metaphysical hatred and you could feel it during the period.

The second type; Those who were confused as to who to support until the last minute. The fence sitters. Also, in this category were also political jobbers; vote-for-sale people. These were unpredictable people and places. Lagos was an example of such a place and with such a people.

The third type; Those in this last category actually hated General Buhari in the same way the first group hated Goodluck Jonathan. There was nothing Buhari would have done to change their opinion or convince them. Every money the Buhari campaign spent on this particular region and people was just a waste of money and time. Most of these people knew that GEJ had not done much for their region during his five year tenure but the fact that Buhari was his opponent was enough reason why they MUST support GEJ. Even if GEJ had promised that he will not do anything for these set of people once reelected, they would still had supported him just to despise Buhari. Those in this category are mostly the Igbos and Niger Deltans from the South/South South/East region.

There were other minor exceptions which I identified in that article. You can read the article here …http://tinyurl.com/zt9f3bx

I predicted that the first and last type of supporters were going to give a block votes to whoever they supported and so did it happen. Actually, the first and third type of supporters were actually the same people. As long as I hate Buhari, GEJ is my man! That was the philosophy…

My major worry now is that, ten months after the election, most of these supporters have not changed their previous position and thinking!

Those who hated Buhari then still hate him today despite the fact that he is now their President and those who supported GEJ still support him till today despite the fact that the man has no business with government again. I don’t see this trend changing anytime soon

I am sure if we #RestructureNigeria into #TrueFiscalFederalism, there will be less concentration at who becomes President at Abuja and people will be more interested in who becomes their local leader because most economic and political powers will be rested with the local politicians and not with the central authority.

There is too much hatred in Nigerian politics and I do not see this trend changing even in the next ten years. It is time we begin to find out why this kind of hatred exist and how to reduce it.

Decentralization is certainly a way out…


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