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Why The Structural Imbalance in Nigeria?
December 17, 2014

Why The Structural Imbalance in Nigeria?

Why Is Their Structural Imbalance In Nigeria?

Some months ago I met an old friend of mine at the entrance of a company. He was on a sentry duty; he was one of their guards at the gate. I felt really ashamed, angry and disappointed at why such an intelligent young boy will be doing a security job. He was my class mate back then in basic school, he use to be very intelligent; he obviously should still be. In fact, he was one of the few boys in class who I intermittently lost my first, second and third positions to throughout our school days. Apart from that, he was the same person who introduced me to the internet; he opened my first email for me and showed me the beauty of the World Wide Web. I remember how I became very popular in school then with my nickname ‘Tony4web’. ‘Tony4web@yahoo.com was my first email and it became my nickname throughout my rest days in school. This young man who introduced me to the internet now guards over the gate of an institution, at least, for the time being. Why the structural imbalance?

In an ideal society natural intelligence, coupled with a little bit of work, is a sufficient reason for anybody to be successful, irrespective of your family background or religious or cultural orientation. In a well-structured society, natural intelligence is an asset the society finds, grooms, and then put to work for the betterment of the society.

In the Nigerian society, everything is distorted. Natural intelligence is never a reason why you should be successful. You need more than intelligence, you need connections, you need money, you need to get your feet wet, irrespective of how young you are. And if you are from a poor background, you are likely to be trapped in your poverty, despite your natural intelligence. The Nigerian structured society will never find you, will never groom you and will never extract the very best from you for the betterment of the society. In the Nigerian society, you are on your own!

So many persons doing lecturing job in our universities are supposed to be in the police force. So many pastors in our churches today are supposed to be lecturers in our universities. So many politicians are supposed to be gate men and so many undergraduate students are supposed to be in technical colleges’ learnings skills. So many successful individuals with the IOC’s and other private companies are supposed to be working for the Nigerian government. So many persons in our military are not supposed to be there. The entire structure of the country is not only imbalanced but also distorted.

I have seen lawmakers who cannot make a complete English sentence and I have seen basic school teachers who cannot read their own affidavit. How did they get there? Why the structural imbalance?

I looked at this my friend and I said to myself, I could have been him or even worst, and he could have been me, or even worst. But one thing is certain, wherever we find ourselves, be it big or be it small, we should always be the best of whatever we have become, only then can we come to see the beauty of life and to understand that life was never supposed to be a competition but a ‘complementition’

With the way Nigeria is distorted, this my friend (who is currently a guard) might become the next President of this country, and myself might become a poor farmer. In fact, with the hard economy already warming to hit us soon, I am already considering moving to the village to begin work on a farm. No matter how bad the economy is, people must eat, and as long as they eat, I am in business.

Why is there structural imbalance in Nigeria?


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