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Will Adultery become legal in the Future?
May 5, 2016

Will Adultery become legal in the Future?

In the early part of my final year at the University of Port Harcourt, I published a paper titled ‘On the Origin of Immorality’.

In that paper I tried to investigate the causes of immoralities and to juxtapose its relationship with what society calls illegality and what religion calls sin. I started the paper by saying that my purpose is to ‘expose how humans can avoid the hypocrisy of engaging in moral contracts that are socially irreconcilable and incompatible with their inherent nature’

I tried to separate morality from legality by stating that ‘whatever was irreconcilable to man’s nature should not be subject to state legislature but should be limited to only those those who chose to engage in such moral contracts. I mentioned two issues which should not be subject to state legislature and religious interference; sex and marriage.

I used adultery as my case study to argue that the state has no business dealing on issues of consentual sex and marriage. I argued that no two couple should use the same marriage contract template. Every couple should write their own marriage agreement to suit their personalities, weaknesses and strenghts. Couples who can tolerate sexual infidelity in their marriage should include it in their marriage contract and those who cannot should state so. Couples should also define what punishment should go for each breach. The duty of the state is to act as a witness, nothing else. Everything about the marriage contract should originate from the couple.

Second, I argued that sex is a biological need and people should stop giving it too much legal and religious importance (both before and after marriage). I attacked the theological and conventional understanding of sex and argued that it was a crime against humanity for people to deny themselves the pleasure of sex all in the name of religion and celibacy. In fact, I argued that all celibates (priests) are mastubates and hypocrites who only appease nature in secret but deceive the society in the open.

I also argued that anybody found guilty of breaking a marriage contract (i.e adultery) should be punished according to the rules of his/her marriage and since the other person (the intruder who aided the act of adultery) is not subject to the marriage contract, he/she has neither commited an immoral act nor an illegal act. In a nutshell, the lady who slept with your husband and the man who slept with your wife has done nothing wrong, morally and legally. Only those involved in the marriage contract should be punished when a rule is breached. Since the state was a witness to the marriage, the state should have the sole responsibility to enforce the punishment upon a demand by any of the party.

I predicted that in the future when people will find out that sexual infidelity (in marriages) is compatible with the human nature, couples will strike out that clause (infidelity clause) and remain tolerant to their partner been unfaithful all in an effort to sustain the union! What this prediction means is that, sexual fidelity will no longer become the most valued virtue of staying in marriage! What my prediction also meant is that marriages will no longer collapse because of sexual infidelity!

I also predicted that if a social survey is carried out today to ascertain the level of adultery (particularly by the women) in marriages, the world will be shocked to know that over 40% or even more of our married women are already aldulterous!

I also argued that the society (which is a creation of man) is now demanding too much from man thereby making most men to possess two faces; a face to appease the society and the other to please his real natural self.

Ok. I will end all about the article here and discuss about reality. You can google the title of the article to read it in full.

Just late last year, I discovered a number of new social media sites that were specifically designed for those seeking to commit adultery! A married man or woman who wants to cheat can easily register into the discreet website, find a partner to cheat with and get started. It was a mind blowing discovery. The philosophy behind the new adultery site is that people do want to cheat; that in itself is an opportunity, so therefore there is no crime in taking advantage of such opportunities by creating the platforms through which adulterers can achieve their aim! You can google this to see for yourself.

There is a high level of adultery going on in the world (and hidden in hypocrisy) today and I get worried that the world is no longer interested in looking at the root causes of these actions but are more focused on talking about the insignificant issues.

A senior lecturer who reviewed my essay before the publication declared that I was about to postulate a ‘dangerous theory’ that could hurt the existing social order. I agreed with him. The world is already dangerous, we are just been hypocritical in admitting it.

To be continued…


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