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Without true federalism, all the bail-outs will drain outs
May 5, 2016

Without true federalism, all the bail-outs will drain outs

I am one of the few Nigerians who considered the first bailouts given out by the federal government to the states as illegal and unnecessary.

I had expected that the Presidency will forward a proposal to the National Assembly and allow them debate the issue before giving out such bail outs (if necessary). Only one member of the National Assembly considered that act as illegal and vowed to drag the Presidency to court.

Ideally, NASS ought to have debated the issue of bail outs and issued out strict conditions for its issuance. If the bail outs were strictly to be for salary payments, then the CBN should have been responsible for the direct payment of these salaries to the state workers. Thanks to BVN. But again, Nigeria is a criminal state! Anything can and does happen.

I suspect and predict that this illegality of a bail out will further lead to the biggest predicament this Presidency will have in the future.

Apart from the fact that the bail outs are illegal, it is also criminally suspicious to issue out bail-outs to Nigerian states as they are presently constituted. Do you give out loan to your friend who you know is a lazy drunkard and expect that he will stop being a lazy drunkard?

Kogi State for example just received bail outs, will Kogi state not ask for bail out again in the next eight months? What can Kogi State do to improve its IGR under this present defective structure? What is Kogi State doing with a 39,000 workforce that cannot generate N1billion monthly for the state? Why is it difficult for Kogi State to sew its coat according to its present available material? What does this tell us?

Nigeria is not a viable country, so are its states. Nigeria is illegitimately unsustainable, unrealistic and retrogressive in structure. You do not fetch water from a well and pour into a basket. Nigeria and its states are like a basket. All the bail outs will drain out. Nigeria under this criminal, skewed, unitary ‘feeding bottle’system cannot sustain development.

A drowning man cannot save another drowning man, they will both end up dead. Both the Federal Government and the state governments need #TrueFederalism as a final and only bail out. Anything short of this is a national fraud and joke.

Under this unitary system, Nigeria is already a failed state, but anyway, lets keep pretending…



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